Great quote from Nicola Triscott/Arts Catalyst writng on the arts/science interface

‘Many people ask me what scientists “get” from work with artists. I feel James Wells, the theoretical physicist who was the ‘inspirational partner’ for Collide@CERN’s first artist in residence Julius von Bismarck expressed it so beautifully when he talked about valuing having someone around who saw the world in a different way, whose influence, he felt, could shake up accepted mindsets. In a talk, Wells notes that the process of becoming a scientist can “snuff out the daring impulse” in young scientists and that it is the “tremendous daring and openness of ideas” of artists that might really benefit the scientific community. “The first thought of an artist is not can we do this, but ‘this is what I want to do’” he remarked.’


Physicist James Wells with Julius von Bismarck, the first Collide@Cern Artist in Residence

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Synthetic Blood Trials in the UK


NHS to give volunteers ‘synthetic blood’ made in laboratory within two years.

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Yet another fantastic new biomedical use for silk announced by Tufts University


‘Multi-Functional Printable Silk Inks Tap Common Print Technology to Address Therapeutics, Regenerative Medicine, Bio-Sensing Needs –

In the photo – ‘ When printed on surgical gloves in functional silk inks doped with bacteria-sensing agents, the word “contaminated” changed from blue to red after exposure to E. coli.’

Reworking Blood on Silk; Price taker, price maker


Having a difficult but interesting time reworking my work from Cementa_15 where it was located in a site where the intention was very obviously to consider buying and selling anything. The new site is a white cube gallery space where the importance of the economic transactions tend to be hidden with not everything on show as in the first site or at least a pretence that you can’t buy everything you have to be allowed to buy. My problem is inserting the black market or less desirable end of the market into that economic space.