Biomedical Modelling Inc of Boston

biomedicall modelling inc

One of the amazing 3D printed models made at Biomedical Modelling Inc of Boston. Click the image above to see more examples in their gallery of works.

I connected with this company and the intensely knowledgeable people who work there at the 2016 Transcultural Exchange conference.  I’m starting  to think about ways to draw  these processes and outcomes into my work after spending a morning doing a lab tour and then another morning working one to  one. Very exciting stuff.



Transcultural Exchange 2016

TransCultural_Exchange_logoI’ve just come back from Boston where I attended the Transcultural Exchange 2016, an international conference on opportunities in the arts. As part of the programme I chaired a roundtable discussion about artists working with medicine. Much to my surprise a reasonably sized crowd of about forty people participated and I was really excited by the generosity and willingness to encourage everyone to share their voice and experiences. It was a great way to start the conference and also meant that as a relative unknown I met and got to know a large number of the conference participants through this process. All in all something I can totally recommend