The third video night at Das KloHäuschen

munich truck u turn as installed

The third video night at Das KloHäuschen was the showing of a video shot last week on a public holiday when the market was clean, apparently  abandoned and quiet. A solitary delivery truck performed for the camera doing a simple and beautiful U-turn. This curve outward towards the camera was projected into the urinal whose interior surface curved away.


Making silk paper again. This time at the Villa Waldberta

making silk 2

As part of my collaboration with Das  KloHäuschen in the Munich main wholesale fruit and vegetable market, I was awarded a two month residency at the Villa Waldberta run by the City of Munich.  The studio space is something else again. I have made silk paper in many locations, my back yard, a studio in Culture at Work, a dance studio on loan through the P.A.S. and a meeting room in Mamre.  A beautiful location to make a beautiful material for the next installation

First video night at Das KloHäuschen in Munich

The first of four  video nights was held last night at Das KloHäuschen in Munich. The video Blood on Silk: Site of Production was projected into one of the former urinals in the building. The video shows a series of repeated actions where the inner crease of the elbow is shown to the viewer. This crease is the usual site of blood extraction for sale, for donation or for testing .

The other three video nights are to be held on 24 and 31 May and 7 June from 21 to 21.30 hours ( 9 to 9.30 p.m.) at Thalkircher Sts 81 Munich

first video night 07