Dr Peter Domachuk – Obituary

At the end of last year Dr Peter Domachuk died after a short illness. He was 33 years old.

Details of his scientific works can be found in the obituary written on The Optical Society website. http://www.osa.org/es-es/about_osa/newsroom/obituaries/peter_domachuk/

From 2010 Dr Peter Domachuk, together with Dr Lee Anne Hall, a writer, and Fiona Davies, a visual artist, was in a three way collaboration of ideas called Blood on Silk. In this collaboration they were expanding out from the ARC research project being undertaken by Peter and discussing, examining and experiencing  the scientific, cultural, economic, historic, and possible future contexts resulting from  the seemingly unrelated pairing of blood and silk.

This collaboration started in late 2010 and has been increasingly productive over the last two years.  Fiona Davies has been artist in residence at Culture at Work an arts science organisation in Pyrmont since early 2011 and Peter had generously supported her residency by participating in the education programs  and other public programmes such as lectures and talks run by Culture at Work. The public outcomes of the collaboration have been a series of exhibitions by Davies, several at Culture at Work, one at Kandos Projects and the latest at the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham in the UK. Future exhibitions are planned for Istanbul September 2013 and in the UK in 2014.

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