Blood on Silk: Magenta, 2015, 285 x 285 cm, ribbon, paint and canvas

Looking one way then the other via west via west 2   In this work the codified pattern of eight drops of blood falling from one metre onto a hard surface is further coded into a weaving pattern, using  satin ribbons and solid canvas.  Through variations of the dyed colour magenta and  the reflective properties of the satin weave in the ribbon, the work responds to the position of the viewer relative to the angle of light as a photonic device. In addition the location of the work in the gallery space exposes the sideways view of the work  to the casual passing viewer in the corridor. Magenta as a name for a colour has been linked with war and bloodshed  since the name of the aniline dyestuff Fuchsine was changed in 1859 to magenta to celebrate the French victory at the battle of Magenta in northern Italy.   photo credit; Henry Rust

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