Medically Amazing

From the New Scientist online from the 28th July 2022 – ‘Ultrasound stickers could continuously image internal organs for days’. A team of scientists working across several institutions have made a significant advance in wearable ultrasound devices by developing a way to keep the scanning device attached to the human body. So good on so many levels and I can easily imagine that this will provide many benefits on so many levels to so many patients. Congratulations to all involved.

As with every technological or medical advance the human rights aspect does always need to be considered. It would be conceivable that these types of devices could play a major role in enabling surveillance of targeted individuals outside of the medical context.

An ultrasound patch made with a water-based hydrogel
Chonghe Wang, Xiaoyu Chen, Liu Wang, Mitsutoshi Makihata, Hsiao-Chuan Liu, Tao Zhou, Xuanhe Zhao image ex the New Scientist article

This link will take you to the technology section of the New Scientist and the full article.

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