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Just got back the redesigned cards from the printers. They are so easy to handle when playing and look good as well. What more do you want for a good robust game.

The cards need to be tough as this card game can be no holds barred with no notion of taking turns.



Still photo Credits: Alex Wisser 



Exhibition Launch: Friday 21 July, 6 – 9pm


22 Jul 2017 – 17 Sep 2017 | 10.00am – 5.00pm

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre presents its inaugural Turbine Hall Commission, Blood on Silk: Last Seen by established Western Sydney artist, Fiona Davies.

For this new work Davies will transform the Turbine Hall by creating five suspended makeshift hospital rooms from handmade silk paper. Representing the merging of public and private spaces, Last Seen investigates the emotional landscape that carers and visitors have with the hospital environment experience.

Fiona Davies is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. Davies’ works are multimedia installations encompassing both the real and simulated. She holds a B.Sc (UNSW) and Bachelor of Visual Art (UWS). She was awarded a MFA from Monash University.

Her current theoretical practice examines ICU medicalised dying, intertwining emotional knowledge with contemporary medical practices – specifically, definitions of death, the materiality of blood and processes of surveillance.  Her ongoing project, Blood on Silk (2009 – ) included working in collaboration with the late physicist Dr Domachuk.

She exhibits in both formal institutions and non-traditional spaces nationally and internationally.

The Turbine Hall Commissions offer visitors new perceptions of our architecture and public spaces through site responsive artworks.

Curated by Lizzy Marshall

Exhibition Launch: Friday 21 July, 6 – 9pm

Details ex Casula Powerhouse website

untitled  Image Credit ABC RN Tiger Web

Click the link above for this ABC Health Report story on making blood transfusions better. Short and fabulous.


Video still Capture

Fiona Davies  The Remake (working title) Video still, 2016

I finally started the making of a new project two days ago. The image above is from the first bit of footage I’ve shot. The idea for the new project had been as simple as doing a remake of Bergman’s film the Seventh Seal set in a large contemporary western ICU ward. When I say a remake, really what I am interested in doing is thinking through some of the major ideas of the Bergman film – faith in God and the afterlife versus nothingness, the impact of an apocalyptic or crisis driven environment,  faith in the face of the absence or silence of God, and a questioning , to the point of distain, of the value of an institution such as the church. All of these can be distilled to the tensions between the identifiable/ known and the unidentifiable/ unknowable.


I have always thought that there is something of the medieval in a large contemporary ICU ward where elements of the guild structure operate in an apocalyptic or crisis-driven context. Think also about the role of faith not necessarily in God but in someone else being able to save the patient from death, the imperative to compete or gamble in order to prolong life.


Of course there is also the beauty of Bergman’s austere visual aesthetics, the format of the film, the focus on a few artefacts or props and the character role played by the landscape including the shots at the beginning and end of the film of a dramatic sky. Hence my first footage was of the sky dramatically lit. This initial footage will be seen out of a small half-open window from a slightly old-fashioned hospital staff toilet, will be a recurring element. This scene has been influenced by my recent very  productive residency at Das KloHäuschen in Munich.

3rd KloHäuschen Biennial

“Biennale der vernachlässigten Lebensformen”
“Biennial of neglected Life Forms”

Eröffnung Samstag, 02. Juli 2016 . 20 Uhr
Final Event Samstag, 09. Juli 2016 . 20 Uhr

Öffnungszeiten 03.-08. Juli . 17-19 Uhr

English Invitation

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KURATORIN Dr. Susanne Schmitt
RAUM Rasso Rottenfusser
KÜNSTL. LEITUNG Anja Uhlig & Das KloHäuschen

Vom 02. bis 09. Juli 2016 richtet das KloHäuschen seine 3. Biennale KHBi3 aus.

In diesem Jahr hat es als Kuratorin die Ethnologin Dr. Susanne Schmitt gewinnen können, die – ganz im Rahmen ihres wissenschaftlichen Forschungsgebietes der Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen – diese Biennale den “vernachlässigten Lebensformen” widmet.
Mit über 30 ausgewählten Positionen und Beiträgen aus über 10 Ländern lenkt sie den Blick auf verschiedenste “Lebensformen”, die in der menschlichen Bewertung oft nicht besonders beliebt sind oder auch einfach nur übersehen werden, seien es nun “Lebensformen der Luft”, “Vergessene Räume”, “Sehr alte oder langsame Wesen”, “Vernachlässigte Techniken und Materialien” und andere mehr und stellt dabei gleichzeitig mit einem Augenzwinkern auch die Frage nach unserem Verhältnis zum Leben an sich.

Die KloHäuschen Biennale wurde 2012 von Anja Uhlig/realitaetsbüro im Rahmen der “Maßnahmen zur Beseelung des Klohäuschens an der Großmarkthalle” ins Leben gerufen und findet seither unter ihrer Leitung und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem KloHäuschen als Internationale Kunstausstellung alle zwei Jahre statt.

Mehr Infos unter
Die Veranstaltung ist Teil der
Maßnahmen zur Beseelung des Klohäuschens an der Großmarkthalle,
ein Projekt von Anja Uhlig/realitaetsbüro.

Gefördert vom Kulturreferat der LH München.


Short presentation for session 4 – artist’s roundtable Control Stockholm University.

I was thinking about the difference between the terms – experiment and test on the way home last night and in particular the role of experimentation in an artistic practice where I associate it with speculation and a different level of expectation about the outcome. My work in this exhibition is a speculation. It is not real.

My work since the early 20002 has been concerned with medicalised death and in particular the medicalised death of my father. His was a death within the highly mediated environment of an Intensive care unit where the primary purpose is to preserve life. I have become more and more interested in specific materials, processes and critical definitions in this context and increasingly on the idea of being involved in a performative experience as a witness.

Going back to talk about my work in this exhibition Control Experiment; Blood on Silk: Price taker price maker is a speculation about the future economic, regulatory, and cultural contexts of one of the primary materials used in a medicalised intervention, blood. It is a fundamentally essential circulatory material. Determination of the presence or absence of chemical markers and in what quantities, the percentage of red blood cell oxygenation, the blood pressures are all elements of this material. Speculations about the economic uses of the material of blood, the synthesis of artificial blood and the process of testing are questioned.

The title of the work – price take price maker is a reflection on the power relationship between the supplier/ producer and the market for blood. If you have no impact on the market you are relegated to being a price taker. The possibility of selling blood or blood products such as plasma are one of the strategies often listed as a way of increasing the income of an individual. To my knowledge blood producers have not joined together in an attempt to maximise their returns. This speculation pushes that to the brutality of the auction process and its interaction between the market and the seller.

On Friday in the security stream 11- 12.30 Y 21 my paper is addressing these issues and I will be showing images of a work from earlier this year of the emotional response to the surreal nature of the experience of a slow bleeding out.







Responding to the quiet of the physical space of the wholesale fruit and vegetable market when it is closed and waiting to perform again.


munich truck u turn as installed

The third video night at Das KloHäuschen was the showing of a video shot last week on a public holiday when the market was clean, apparently  abandoned and quiet. A solitary delivery truck performed for the camera doing a simple and beautiful U-turn. This curve outward towards the camera was projected into the urinal whose interior surface curved away.