Group Exhibition at Everglades in Leura Australia, ‘Image Word Object’.

My work is on the right hand side of this photograph.

Fiona Davies has made many objects documenting personal and family histories and traumas. Her work ranges over multiple media including mixed media installation, video, still images, texts and games that invite the public to engage in the process of creativity and discovery of personal memories acknowledging their own mortality and coming to empathise with those of others. In this exhibition ‘Blood on silk’ she has worked with the late Indian theorist Aveek Sen to make a series of non-traditional documentary artists books. These books incorporate texts with images, video and multiple materials including textiles.

The project ‘Blood on Silk ‘ was started in 2010 with the collaboration between Fiona Davies and the physicist the Late Dr Peter Domachuk. Peter was researching the biomedical uses of silk and its potential use as a means of determining blood properties and characteristics while still within the body. This raises issues of the materiality of blood and of silk, the economic impacts of biomedical developments, the trafficking of blood, blood products and people on the Silk Road and the long history of the study of silk in Georgia at the oldest silk museum in the world at Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia .

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