Biomedical Modelling Inc of Boston

One of the amazing 3D printed models made at Biomedical Modelling Inc of Boston. Click the image above to see more examples in their gallery of works. I connected with this company and the intensely knowledgeable people who work there at the 2016 Transcultural Exchange conference.  I'm starting  to think about ways to draw  these processes and [...]

Second studio photo – Magenta blood work in progress.

Why experts are rethinking blood transfusions – Health & Wellbeing

Why experts are rethinking blood transfusions - Health & Wellbeing.

Studio Shot – White blood work in front of red blood work in front of magenta blood weavings

Reworking Blood on Silk; Price taker, price maker

Having a difficult but interesting time reworking my work from Cementa_15 where it was located in a site where the intention was very obviously to consider buying and selling anything. The new site is a white cube gallery space where the importance of the economic transactions tend to be hidden with not everything on show as in the first site or [...]

Cementa 15 9th to 12th April in Kandos, NSW, Australia

Cementa is a biennial contemporary arts festival taking place in the post-industrial town of Kandos NSW Click here to see what's on Fiona Davies Blood on Silk: Price taker, price maker, 2015, found objects sound, video, and print, 420 x 220 x 80cm The manner in which the market works  for a person  producing  and selling [...]

Can we move past an ethnographic approach to Arts/Science ?

One of the common artistic strategies that appears to dominate the current  batch of arts /science exhibitions is the practice of the artist finding or making an artefact of science; either in the laboratory, from a real or  online scientific  archive, or in the collection of a science museum, and then re-locating it to an [...]