Colour Run -one day event this Sunday 6th November 2016

COLOUR RUN is a part of 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale. ARISTS: Fiona Davies, Beata Geyer, Sarah Keighery and Daniel Kojta For the 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale, Modern Art Projects will hold their first Studio - MAP show. Two of the group, artists Beata Geyer and Fiona Davies work with highly [...]

You are invited to Blood on Silk | Fiona Davies | Saturday 7 June, 2pm at Campbelltown Arts Centre

  Blood on Silk is a dynamic and thought provoking exhibition by Australian artist Fiona Davies. Drawing on research conducted by scientists who planned to create silk microchips used to measure blood cells still within the body, Davies responds with her own personal quest to understand the material, cultural, and personal processes related to surveillance, science, [...]