A work in search of a name

The second part of this work hanging about one metre below the bag attached to the body. The current name which reflects on what I feel is the clunkiness of the design of many medical devices is pedestrian and the work needs a new name.

Another great new use of silk.

https://thehill.com/changing-america/sustainability/environment/3572961-could-silk-help-solve-our-microplastics-problem/ This time from MIT, a new use for silk as a means of replacing microplastics in the encapsulation process. There's a link to a more technical article in the link.

I’m presenting at the Fourth Parse biennial research Conference.

Catch my presentation at the Violence: fourth PARSE biennial research conference at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Article in Nature ‘Pig experiment challenges assumptions around brain damage in people.

Such a complicated relationship with pigs made even more so and with serious implications! https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-01169-8

Video of new work Blood on Silk: Buy/Sell up on vimeo


10 images of Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out finally all up online.

Click on the link below or otherwise look up Fiona Davies then Selected work then Blood on Silk Bleeding Out.   The first two images show you what the work looks like in full light without the projection. I've done this to give you an idea of how it works physically in space. Then the overhead [...]

Blood is fantastic – no doubt about it.

A recent online article in Science News https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/science-ticker/red-blood-cells-sense-low-oxygen-brain,  just expands on the fascinating details known about blood and its behaviour. The article entitled ' Red blood cells sense low oxygen in the brain' is by Laura Sanders published on  August 4, 2016. the first paragraph states that ' When the brain runs low on oxygen, red blood [...]

Invitation to celebrate the opening of Prescriptions at the Beaney House of Art & Knowledge

My new work from the previous post Bleeding Out Internally,  the book  is in this exhibition.   Invitation to celebrate the opening of Prescriptions at The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge .              

Transcultural Exchange 2016

I've just come back from Boston where I attended the Transcultural Exchange 2016, an international conference on opportunities in the arts. As part of the programme I chaired a roundtable discussion about artists working with medicine. Much to my surprise a reasonably sized crowd of about forty people participated and I was really excited by [...]

Haemoglobin colour scale used by the WHO since 1995

from the 'A simple and reliable method for estimating haemoglobin by G.J. Stott1 & S.M. Lewis2 Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 1995, 73 (3): 369-373' Starting point for a series of new works using the colour scales of the colour of blood differentiated by a range of properties.