Blood on Silk: Tbilisi opening 7th May 6 p.m.

The new work Blood on Silk: Tbilisi will be exhibited at the State Silk Museum,  Tbilisi Georgia from May 7th until 27th May 2014

Blood on silk bloodbags 004_edited-1

აბრეშუმის სახელმწიფო მუზეუმი

State Silk Museum, 6, Tsabadze st., 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia

Hours – 11 a.m. -17 p.m   closed Monday


You are invited to the private viewing or opening on  May 7th 6 p.m.

This work is responding to the economic, cultural and historic context of the State Silk Museum. The idea of the historic trade in silk and textiles will be overlaid onto the contemporary trading routes in bio products including blood, people and  body parts. It questions through the pairing of the seemingly unrelated ideas of blood and silk, the idea of what can be traded, and what is available to be sold.

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