Works in progress still messing around before becoming playing tokens.

Just standing on your head waiting for the glue to dry that is sticking a  button to your feet.  Small figurines becoming playing tokens for a modified version of snakes and ladders that leads the players through a game outlining the stages of heart failure. The game lies inside the wonder cabinet zinc box of [...]

Glasgow designer Fraser Ross has created a collection of seven conceptual human organs that would perform extra functions like squirting ink and spinning silk

From the De Zeen online magazine

Reworking Blood on Silk; Price taker, price maker

Having a difficult but interesting time reworking my work from Cementa_15 where it was located in a site where the intention was very obviously to consider buying and selling anything. The new site is a white cube gallery space where the importance of the economic transactions tend to be hidden with not everything on show as in the first site or [...]

Cementa 15 9th to 12th April in Kandos, NSW, Australia

Cementa is a biennial contemporary arts festival taking place in the post-industrial town of Kandos NSW Click here to see what's on Fiona Davies Blood on Silk: Price taker, price maker, 2015, found objects sound, video, and print, 420 x 220 x 80cm The manner in which the market works  for a person  producing  and selling [...]

Radio Interview on Blood on Silk, Death, Cementa 15 and some of the rest of life’s great questions.

Interviewed by the great Leah Haynes on radio EastideFm  earlyish in the morning of the 23rd March . My interview overlapped with the very fine visual artist Nicole Barakat. Over the years we have worked together and are both in Cementa15  at Kandos, April 9th to 12th.  So a great chance to catch up with what she's up to [...]

Exhibition Invite May 7th 6-8 pm State Silk Museum,Tbilisi, Georgia.

Blood on Silk: Tbilisi opening 7th May 6 p.m.

The new work Blood on Silk: Tbilisi will be exhibited at the State Silk Museum,  Tbilisi Georgia from May 7th until 27th May 2014 აბრეშუმის სახელმწიფო მუზეუმი State Silk Museum, 6, Tsabadze st., 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia Hours - 11 a.m. -17 p.m   closed Monday   You are invited to the private viewing or opening on  May 7th 6 p.m. [...]

Fleur MacDonald’s walkthrough of Ian Milliss’ show at Artspace Notes on the Works.

Wrap up of the year 2013

Installation shot of Blood on Silk: Surgery

  2013, ribbon, canvas paint and wood. 360(h) x 525(w) x 20cm As installed in the foyer of the Science Building EA6 at Macquarie University, Sydney , Australia