Opening night of the group show ‘Her Moving Presence’. First showing of my work Bleeding Out

A table top set up with viewing positions like a peep show allows the viewer to look down into a surreal landscape of homogenised real and play or pretend  medicalised equipment, as it is washed by the projections of a slow bleeding out.  The world within the surreal landscape is controlled and contained where its [...]

Work in Progress for Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out


Haemoglobin colour scale used by the WHO since 1995

from the 'A simple and reliable method for estimating haemoglobin by G.J. Stott1 & S.M. Lewis2 Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 1995, 73 (3): 369-373' Starting point for a series of new works using the colour scales of the colour of blood differentiated by a range of properties.

Exhibition Invitation – Her Moving Presence

Image my work in progress Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out 5 February – 20 February 2016. Airspace Projects 10 Junction St, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia Opening: Friday 5 February 6pm - 8pm 'Her Moving Presence is an exhibition of moving image work by twelve female artists. The exhibition navigates implied, and actual, presence through the [...]

Glasgow designer Fraser Ross has created a collection of seven conceptual human organs that would perform extra functions like squirting ink and spinning silk

From the De Zeen online magazine

Blood exerts a powerful influence on the brain

    An article from Science News online  .... 'When it comes to the brain, blood also seems to be more than a traveling storyteller. In some cases, the blood may be writing the script' image credit  Ralph Hutchings/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.

Silk production revival in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan silk industry       reporter Ning Hong 丨

Detail of a new work – Blood on Silk: White blood bags dancing into definition

A while ago I  watched  the documentary 'Night will Fall' on the liberation of the concentration and death camps in Europe in 1945. Sequence after sequence showed graphic images of degradation, death and horror. Then there was a short interview about the first images from Dachau after liberation. These images were seen and shown in the [...]

Trans-plantation of the heart after circulatory death of the donor: time for a change in law?

Interesting thoughts about the definition of death from James Tibballs and  Neera Bhatia in the Medical Journal of Australia Fiona Davies Blood on Silk / Surgery (detail) Installed foyer of the Science Building Macquarie University, Sydney Australia

Second studio photo – Magenta blood work in progress.