It turns out that the term fairy tale was first thought of by a woman around 1690.

The French writer Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy questioned the status quo and in particular the patriarchy by using the form of the fairy tale to both subtly and directly question the accepted male and female behaviors of the time. The link below is to an article from Late Night Live on the ABC discussing the fictionalised reinterpretation of d’Áulnoy ‘s life by the writer Melissa Ashley.

There is renewed focus on the form of the fairy tale as a way of saying something to part of the audience but not necessarily to all the audience. By using a simple sentence structure and language these tales can appear to be easy to understand however they can also be seen to be incredibly complicated.

On Thursday 28th Nov from 5.45 I am screening three very short videos of fairy-tales at the Golden Age Cinema in Sydney Australia. Tickets are free and you can register on this web site

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