Reports that we’re still without a viable synthetic blood substitute.

In an article published on the 15th December 2021 the writer Benjamin Plackett outlined the current position on the viability of producing synthetic blood or blood products ethically and successfully. Really interesting and reinforces my view that blood is amazing.

The article states ‘The pursuit of these lab-made blood products has branched into two main areas of research. The first is focused on producing entirely synthetic substances to carry out the same functions as blood’s constituent parts, and the second seeks to exploit stem cells to generate cells and substances that are biologically identical to those found in natural blood. Each approach comes with its own set of pros and cons, but experts are predicting that some of these products could be rolled out within the next 10 years, should clinical trials prove successful.’

Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out Externally ( detail)
Blood on Silk/Bleeding Out Externally, 2018, (detail)

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