Images from Whitebox in Griffith University

Blood-onSilk-web-3-As-per-I    Blood-onSilk-web-4--As-per-

Blood on Silk : As per Instructions 1,2,3 and 4

Queensland College of Art, Griffith University – Gold Coast campus

Queensland, 4222, AUSTRALIA


Installed at Artspace Sydney in late  2013, the work Blood on Silk: As per instructions I was exhibited in  the exhibition, Notes on the Work  a survey exhibition by Ian Milliss.

As part of Milliss’ open ended  practice, Ian had given instructions to other artists for the production of artworks, referencing works  he made in the early 1970s. These instructions were  – use strips of fabric 200 to 250mm wide each painted a single colour and then nail to the wall as you want

The three later works Blood on Silk: As per Instructions 2,3 and 4 were made in 2014 again referencing the code  of the barber’s pole and its subsequent distortion or mutation.  The code utilised in the first of this series is the pattern made by eight drops of blood falling from one metre.

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