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What a fantastic way of making the cost of testing so cheap and so flexible in terms of conditions of use that its really, really useful.  


Associate Professor Bayden Wood and members of the No Road Expeditions group.

Photo credit: Steve Morton


Images courtesy of the Monash website

Via Sophie Weeks and written by ( I think) the Liberal Scientist / Simon Sublime blood and copper sulphate alcohol on-silk-bloodbags-004_edited-3_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=20170428fbk00CRSTlungblood&utm_term=00scienceof&utm_content=video

Friday, the 14th April 2017 was the night of the exhibition Black Rabbit curated by Lizzy Marshall at The Slab in Hazelbrook, NSW.

I’d made a new work for this exhibition, Drug test Bunny or Lab Bunny a sculpture constructed from sheer black fabric, wire and buttons squeezed onto a hospital trolley. The bunny is not in great shape. It appears defeated.




Blog post by Jess  Vilvestre


Silk Paper – photo credit Alex Wisser .

Hb colour scale

from the ‘A simple and reliable method for estimating
haemoglobin by G.J. Stott1 & S.M. Lewis2
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 1995, 73 (3): 369-373’

Starting point for a series of new works using the colour scales of the colour of blood differentiated by a range of properties.



An article from Science News online  …. ‘When it comes to the brain, blood also seems to be more than a traveling storyteller. In some cases, the blood may be writing the script’

111415_blood_openerimage credit  Ralph Hutchings/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.


NHS to give volunteers ‘synthetic blood’ made in laboratory within two years.

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