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Podcast from late last year – art/science discussion

podcast click here From the archives of ARTHouse on Radio BM 89.1 - In this Segment, Justin Morrissey leads this week's panel discussion on 'Art & Science'. Justin is joined by Damian Castaldi, Fiona Davies, Solange Kershaw and Julie Ankers. Two tracks from Out of Abingdon's newest album are also featured. Image - At the Legacy [...]

Images from Gore installed in the foyer of ‘the Joan’.

Images from two of the three works forming part of the installation Blood on Silk: Gore  in the foyer of the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith , Sydney Australia. There have four segments of this programme designed to provide opportunities for an accidental interaction between an art/science work and the viewer.  Visitors to [...]

‘Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there were twenty three units of blood’

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there were twenty-three units of blood 2018, ribbon, canvas and paint. Two panels each 96.4 x 176.5 (h) cm  Photo Alex Gooding In this work twenty-three squat square crosses are arranged in a grid of six by four, with one missing. The dimensions of the cross [...]

Continuing the 23 Units of Blood series of works.

A decolourised cross sits within a filing cabinet drawer.  The aluminium gilded cross is layered onto cracked and distorted white paint left to set in the base of the drawer.   This is one of twenty three large individual silver cross work that make up this large installation. Decolourising is a chemical process used to [...]

Another in the twenty three units of blood series. This time from 2016

This work Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out [The Book] comes in two parts. One is a twenty three page book of blood stains meant to be handled and held on the lap of the reader, within the space of the  body. The other element is a card labelled Instructional Manual. One the reverse side is [...]

London – Conference

Recently I presented  at the 2018 Annual Association for Art History conference in London as part of a day long panel on Aural Affects and Effects: Explicit and Implicit sounds and rhythms in contemporary visual media put together by Olga Nikolaeva, Christine Sjöberg and Johnny Wingstedt. Not only did several aspects of my research fall [...]

Video of three views of the work Blood on Silk: Last Seen as installed in the Turbine Hall at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney.

Battery powered means of detecting malaria in the bloodstream while the blood is still within the body.

What a fantastic way of making the cost of testing so cheap and so flexible in terms of conditions of use that its really, really useful.   Associate Professor Bayden Wood and members of the No Road Expeditions group. Photo credit: Steve Morton   Images courtesy of the Monash website  

Beautiful photographs of the reaction between human blood and copper sulphate Via Sophie Weeks and written by ( I think) the Liberal Scientist / Simon Sublime