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Via Sophie Weeks and written by ( I think) the Liberal Scientist / Simon Sublime blood and copper sulphate alcohol on-silk-bloodbags-004_edited-3_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=20170428fbk00CRSTlungblood&utm_term=00scienceof&utm_content=video

Friday, the 14th April 2017 was the night of the exhibition Black Rabbit curated by Lizzy Marshall at The Slab in Hazelbrook, NSW.

I’d made a new work for this exhibition, Drug test Bunny or Lab Bunny a sculpture constructed from sheer black fabric, wire and buttons squeezed onto a hospital trolley. The bunny is not in great shape. It appears defeated.




Blog post by Jess  Vilvestre


Silk Paper – photo credit Alex Wisser .

Hb colour scale

from the ‘A simple and reliable method for estimating
haemoglobin by G.J. Stott1 & S.M. Lewis2
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 1995, 73 (3): 369-373’

Starting point for a series of new works using the colour scales of the colour of blood differentiated by a range of properties.



An article from Science News online  …. ‘When it comes to the brain, blood also seems to be more than a traveling storyteller. In some cases, the blood may be writing the script’

111415_blood_openerimage credit  Ralph Hutchings/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.


NHS to give volunteers ‘synthetic blood’ made in laboratory within two years.

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Blood on Silk Surgery 008 A


Blood on Silk: Surgery as installed in the foyer of the main science building Macquarie University, Sydney Australia