Blood on Silk: Tufts Analytical Lab, 2014, silk paper and found objects, size variable. As installed for two and a half days in the analytical lab in the Biomedical Silk Lab at Tufts University Boston USA in late October 2014

This was not a public exhibition - it could only be seen by those who worked in this particular set of scientific laboratories within the silk laboratory at Tufts University Boston where they '.. study the use of silk as an optical material for applications in biomedical engineering, photonics and nanophotonics'   This installation intervened into [...]

Images from Whitebox in Griffith University

    Blood on Silk : As per Instructions 1,2,3 and 4 Queensland College of Art, Griffith University - Gold Coast campus Queensland, 4222, AUSTRALIA   Installed at Artspace Sydney in late  2013, the work Blood on Silk: As per instructions I was exhibited in  the exhibition, Notes on the Work  a survey exhibition by Ian [...]