Blood on Silk: Site of Production

D3200 June 2014 242

Blood on Silk: Site of production, 2014 Video 2.20 mins. As installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre projected onto a black wall

A repetitive unveiling of the  crook, more formally known as the cubital crease, of the human arm reveals the site of blood retrieval as well as the vulnerability and grittiness of misuse in that area of the body. The image of the arm is isolated from any understanding that could be gained from the remainder of the body

The means  of providing blood and blood products into the legal and illegal medical systems is complex, highly technical and fraught with issues of safety, cost  and coercion. The vulnerability of the repetitive exposing of that section of the arm relocates the crux of the issue with the individual producer of that blood whether or not they do that for economic return within the wider  economic framework  of medicine


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