Video of the installation Blood on Silk: Trade conflated with Blood on Silk: Campbelltown as installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre 2014 Photo Credits Alex Gooding, Martin Lukersmith, Zan Wimberley, Alex WisserVideo Credits Fiona Davies, Alex Gooding  

Blood on Silk: Site of Production

Blood on Silk: Site of production, 2014 Video 2.20 mins. As installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre projected onto a black wall A repetitive unveiling of the  crook, more formally known as the cubital crease, of the human arm reveals the site of blood retrieval as well as the vulnerability and grittiness of misuse in that area of the body. [...]

Blood on Silk: Trade – work made in Istanbul

  Blood on Silk: Trade is  a multi-screen video work.  Each of the three projections will show a different iteration of a set of actions performed by roughly the same group of participants at approximately the same time on three different days.  The work was shot in the hardware retail district of Beyoglu inIstanbul.The work is [...]