Her Moving Presence Opening 050216 D3200  (4)Her Moving Presence Opening 050216 P300  (74)Her Moving Presence Opening 050216 D3200  (26)

A table top set up with viewing positions like a peep show allows the viewer to look down into a surreal landscape of homogenised real and play or pretend  medicalised equipment, as it is washed by the projections of a slow bleeding out.  The world within the surreal landscape is controlled and contained where its boundaries operate like a semi permeable membrane with some things held and others allowed to pass.

When the viewer bends to look into the peep holes/microscope lenses set into the bottom of everyday glass kitchen and tableware the projections then show on the back of their heads co-opting them into the landscape but not necessarily requiring  their informed consent.

Fiona Davies Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out 2016, zinc, found objects, paint, lights, projection 165 x 70 x 100(h) cm plus projection