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When you realise that the camping lantern with led lights isn’t powerful enough and it’s pattern of flashing is SOS in Morse code.


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Blood on Silk Buy Sell  (8).jpg

First detail of this work for the Governance show at Old Government House, Parramatta, Sydney, Australia  curated by Lizzy Marshall.

Important Dates

Exhibition runs from 9th March to 16th April 2017

Opening 9th March 6- 8 p.m.

The exhibition of site specific works in the site of European governance in the early days of the NSW Colony will address a range of responses to the contemporary issue of governance.


Ash Tray with silver crosses, 2017  paint and found object


Two new Science Museums – London and Melbourne, expand the original exhibition in the Science Gallery Dublin in 2015 with exhibitions later this year around around June to October 2017. The dates are yet to be finalised.

Have a look at the exhibits from the Dublin starting point. My favourite is woofwoof by Franko B (UK)

Image credit – The Science Museum London website

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