Cementa 15 9th to 12th April in Kandos, NSW, Australia

Cementa is a biennial contemporary arts festival taking place in the post-industrial town of Kandos NSW Click here to see what's on Fiona Davies Blood on Silk: Price taker, price maker, 2015, found objects sound, video, and print, 420 x 220 x 80cm The manner in which the market works  for a person  producing  and selling [...]

Radio Interview on Blood on Silk, Death, Cementa 15 and some of the rest of life’s great questions.

Interviewed by the great Leah Haynes on radio EastideFm  earlyish in the morning of the 23rd March . My interview overlapped with the very fine visual artist Nicole Barakat. Over the years we have worked together and are both in Cementa15  at Kandos, April 9th to 12th.  So a great chance to catch up with what she's up to [...]

Short video walking through the installation Blood on Silk: Farnham by Fiona Davies

News Report ex ABC Website – China busts huge organ trafficking ring

Posted August 05, 2012 21:25:37 Chinese police arrested 137 people, among them doctors, suspected of trafficking human organs in a nationwide crime ring that profited from the huge demand for transplants, authorities said. In a sting operation beginning in late July, police pounced across 18 provinces and regions and "rescued" 127 people who had agreed [...]