Weavers Turn Silk Into Diabetes Test Strips

January 08, 2015 9:59 AM ET Nsikan Akpan read article online here Using a simple wooden handloom, weavers create silk strips that diabetics can use as glucose sensors. This loom is at Achira Labs in Bangalore, India. Courtesy of Tripurari Choudhary itoggle caption Courtesy of Tripurari Choudhary Using a simple wooden handloom, weavers create silk [...]

Blood on Silk: Wrap up of exhibitions in 2014

Blood on Silk: Surgery – artist interview

http://youtu.be/iYKoBuZoJ7w   Blood on Silk: Surgery as installed in the foyer of the main science building Macquarie University, Sydney Australia

Video of the installation Blood on Silk: Trade conflated with Blood on Silk: Campbelltown as installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvCc7DLSY2oStill Photo Credits Alex Gooding, Martin Lukersmith, Zan Wimberley, Alex WisserVideo Credits Fiona Davies, Alex Gooding  

Who owns your personal data?

The UK artist Jennifer Lyn Morone monetises herself in her art project Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc (JL), registered in Delaware.  She starts by selling her data and then moves through other options to selling her blood and body parts. Who knows what next will be up for sale?     

Another photo from Blood on Silk at Campbelltown Arts Centre.

The single work Blood on Silk: Campbelltown uses layers of handmade silk paper both to define the structure of the gallery space and to partially conceal it. Working as a semi permeable membrane some things are allowed to pass and others held. The silk paper is beautiful, isolating and with its references to connective tissues [...]

Blood on Silk: Site of Production

Blood on Silk: Site of production, 2014 Video 2.20 mins. As installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre projected onto a black wall A repetitive unveiling of the  crook, more formally known as the cubital crease, of the human arm reveals the site of blood retrieval as well as the vulnerability and grittiness of misuse in that area of the body. [...]

Blood on Silk: Campbelltown June 7th to 20th July 2014


Video interview on Blood on SIlk: State Silk Museum from Cultureonline

. Fiona Davies - "Blood on Silk"

Starting the Install – Tbilisi, Georgia

Day one of the installation of my exhibition at the State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia