4D bioprinting technologies explained

Great paper by Dr Stephen G. Gray looks at the possibilites of 4D bio printing tecnologies. It is really exciting times and needs to be tempered by an understanding of the ethical implications of the outcomes. https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/the-rise-of-the-4d-bioprinting-industry/ design ex the paper by Dr Stephen G Gray

Blood on Silk: The Violence of Medicine Part VII Being the chosen one or not.

The factors driving the allocation of resources within the medical system is often not obvious or transparent to the outsider, the patient or their family. One area where it is openly acknowledged is in the media coverage of transplant medicine. There it is repeatedly stated that the number of organs donated or supplied is significantly [...]

ICU – Being asked to step outside while some procedure or other is being carried out

A paper from 2019 from the Intermountain Healthcare's Center for Humanizing Critical Care in Salt Lake City questions this traditional practice of exclusion. Click on the title below to be linked to the article online on Medical XPress. 'Do family members belong in ICU during procedures? Study finds clinicians mixed on practice.' My experience in [...]

Blood Business – Point Productions reported by Marie Maurisse, Francois Pilet

http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/four-corners/NC1704H029S00 Saw this documentary last night on the ABC 4Corners program in Australia. Its one thing to read about it but another thing to see it.  Just watch it.

‘Artists as provocateurs’ – an interesting review of Governance by Gina Fairley in Arts Hub


Video of new work Blood on Silk: Buy/Sell up on vimeo


Trial of new work – Blood on Silk/Buy Sell

When you realise that the camping lantern with led lights isn't powerful enough and it's pattern of flashing is SOS in Morse code. https://vimeo.com/203381937  

What happens when you tell somebody else’s story? by Alexis Wright in the Summer 2016 edition of Meanjin

Just read this long form essay either by clicking the link below or subscribe to the magazine Meanjin. https://meanjin.com.au/essays/what-happens-when-you-tell-somebody-elses-story/

New Work. A detail of Blood on Silk: Buy/sell

First detail of this work for the Governance show at Old Government House, Parramatta, Sydney, Australia  curated by Lizzy Marshall. Important Dates Exhibition runs from 9th March to 16th April 2017 Opening 9th March 6- 8 p.m. The exhibition of site specific works in the site of European governance in the early days of the [...]