Blood on Silk: Price taker, price maker

Fiona Davies Blood on Silk: Price taker, price maker, 2015  found objects, sound video and print  420 x 220 x 80cm Installed at the Drabee Road Nursery, Kandos, NSW. Australia as part of Cementa_15.  April 2015 The manner in which the market works  for a person  producing  and selling their own blood, blood products  or [...]

Radio Interview on Blood on Silk, Death, Cementa 15 and some of the rest of life’s great questions.

Interviewed by the great Leah Haynes on radio EastideFm  earlyish in the morning of the 23rd March . My interview overlapped with the very fine visual artist Nicole Barakat. Over the years we have worked together and are both in Cementa15  at Kandos, April 9th to 12th.  So a great chance to catch up with what she's up to [...]

Delivering Impact – Blood lines spelled out

Monash University Magazine, Delivering Impact - Blood lines spelled out. This was an idea I saw proposed a year or so ago. Great to see it is in practice. Anything that reduces the possibility or unintentional error has to be a good thing.

Another way light provides the answer for blood testing

Light replaces the Needle. 'Empa and the University Hospital Zurich have joined forces to develop a sensor that gages the blood sugar through skin contact. And best of all: No blood samples are necessary, not even to calibrate the sensor. “Glucolight” is initially to be used in premature babies to avoid hypoglycemia and subsequent brain [...]

Weavers Turn Silk Into Diabetes Test Strips

January 08, 2015 9:59 AM ET Nsikan Akpan read article online here Using a simple wooden handloom, weavers create silk strips that diabetics can use as glucose sensors. This loom is at Achira Labs in Bangalore, India. Courtesy of Tripurari Choudhary itoggle caption Courtesy of Tripurari Choudhary Using a simple wooden handloom, weavers create silk [...]

Blood on Silk: Tufts Analytical Lab, 2014, silk paper and found objects, size variable. As installed for two and a half days in the analytical lab in the Biomedical Silk Lab at Tufts University Boston USA in late October 2014

This was not a public exhibition - it could only be seen by those who worked in this particular set of scientific laboratories within the silk laboratory at Tufts University Boston where they '.. study the use of silk as an optical material for applications in biomedical engineering, photonics and nanophotonics'   This installation intervened into [...]

New thinking in hospital design influencing patient outcomes

  In Redesigned Room, Hospital Patients May Feel Better Already By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN    The new rooms at the University Medical Center of Princeton  also include a bedside-to-bathroom handrail and a foldout sofa for visitors. Credit Laura Pedrick for The New York Times

Another photo from Blood on Silk at Campbelltown Arts Centre.

The single work Blood on Silk: Campbelltown uses layers of handmade silk paper both to define the structure of the gallery space and to partially conceal it. Working as a semi permeable membrane some things are allowed to pass and others held. The silk paper is beautiful, isolating and with its references to connective tissues [...]