As per Instructions: 1,2,3 and 4, 2013 and 2014 canvas, paint and nails

Another photo from Blood on Silk at Campbelltown Arts Centre.

The single work Blood on Silk: Campbelltown uses layers of handmade silk paper both to define the structure of the gallery space and to partially conceal it. Working as a semi permeable membrane some things are allowed to pass and others held. The silk paper is beautiful, isolating and with its references to connective tissues [...]

Blood on Silk: Site of Production

Blood on Silk: Site of production, 2014 Video 2.20 mins. As installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre projected onto a black wall A repetitive unveiling of the  crook, more formally known as the cubital crease, of the human arm reveals the site of blood retrieval as well as the vulnerability and grittiness of misuse in that area of the body. [...]

Video interview on Blood on SIlk: State Silk Museum from Cultureonline

. Fiona Davies - "Blood on Silk"

You are invited to Blood on Silk | Fiona Davies | Saturday 7 June, 2pm at Campbelltown Arts Centre

  Blood on Silk is a dynamic and thought provoking exhibition by Australian artist Fiona Davies. Drawing on research conducted by scientists who planned to create silk microchips used to measure blood cells still within the body, Davies responds with her own personal quest to understand the material, cultural, and personal processes related to surveillance, science, [...]

Exhibition Invite May 7th 6-8 pm State Silk Museum,Tbilisi, Georgia.

Real Blood?

I often get asked if I use 'real' blood in my work. The project I have been working on for three-plus years is titled Blood on Silk, which looks at the  biomedical uses of silk, and particularly its ability to assist in reading the properties of  blood while that blood is still within the body. So it's easy to see what drives [...]

Blood on Silk: Turn to, turn away in Modern Art Projects at Morton House Woodford last weekend

Further information, images of other work in the exhibition, and the excellent catalogue essay, can be found online at As they say 'Modern Art Projects (MAP) is a social and cultural engagement program designed to explore the nexus of art and architecture via a broad inter disciplinary field.'  

Working in the Lab with the late Dr Peter Domachuk

Transferring my stuff off my old phone I found this photograph of Dr Peter Domachuk in the laboratory. I was watching him make a batch of Fibrion in 2012, not that long before his death..